Welcome to the Lincolnshire Flower Company.

As we are launching the Website (June 2020) it is finally RAINING! We have just experienced a record-breaking dry and sunny stretch. ‘March-to-May clocking in as the sunniest spring and May being the sunniest calendar month on record.’ MET OFFICE

Over the last few months we’ve spent days sowing seeds, then potting up seedlings, to planting them out and recently hours and hours watering them and whispering sweet nothings for them to grow in these desert-like conditions.

We’re classing this year our ‘trial and experimental year’ on the growing side of things. We’ve always been keen gardeners but growing on mass for floristry is a different ball game. So I would class it as successful. The Ranunculus have been an absolute triumph along with the Iris’s. The Cornflowers, Roses and a range of Alliums are all thriving away at the moment. The delphiniums and peonies have been been have been wonderful with many more growing from little seedlings ready for next year. We have an enormous amount of Amaranthus and Celosia coming along at the moment which we are very excited about.

Anyway just a sort welcome and growing update for you.

Short and sweet posts are always much better we feel.

Harriet, Penny and Rhod x